The 2016 AMSA Global Health Conference, GHC2016, is coming to the coasts of Newcastle!

GHC2016 will feature:

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GHC2016: Forget everything you’ve known, we present you A New GHC.

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Today, GHC is a brand filled with excitement and passion, and our goal for GHC2016 is to continue exploring global health, challenging ideas, and inspiring delegates to become effective changes makers. Our vision is to create a conference where delegates leave with the motivation and skills to make effective change, and a direction for their future in global health. Newcastle brings an unbelievable amount of talent to run this GHC, with our regional team coming from backgrounds in governance, law, finance, defence force logistics, sponsorship, and publications. Our  youthfulness, energy and drive will all contribute to success and inspiration behind this amazing event. Our team is ready for a New GHC. Are you?

Newcastle, home of GHC2016, is bursting at its seams with creativity and charm.

North of Sydney
Drive from Sydney and 2.5 hours by rail
Cities in the World, Lonely Planet 2011
Largest City in Australia
Largest Regional City in Australia
Largest City in NSW

Newcastle’s down-to-earth charm and relaxed, easygoing attitude has been shaped by the city’s rough-and-tumble blue collar past. The city today boasts world-famous beaches, a sun-drenched subtropical climate, beautiful harbours and foreshores, and an eclectic and innovative urban arts scene that is injecting colour and culture into its streets. No longer the one-dimensional industrial city it was once perceived to be, Newcastle has transformed itself into a vibrant, unique, and culturally rich place. It is a city with a diverse feast of experiences and the vast range of facilities you would expect from a modern urban centre, but littered with hidden charms from its old colonial days waiting for you to explore!